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Things to Consider Before Selling Your Maple Shade Home

by | Apr 8, 2022

Thinking of selling your Maple Shade, NJ home? Don’t just go and list your home right away. Some preparation is needed and can benefit you greatly if you take the time to get some of these things done.

Selling a home can be tough, and when not done right can take a long time to do. That’s why it’s a great idea to consult with your real estate agent first and consult on what you can do to help sell your house fast in Maple Shade, NJ.

You can go through the trouble of finding a good real estate agent or you can just read on as we at Aim High Properties, LLC. have put together some essentials for selling your home. We buy houses in Maple Shade, NJ all the time so we know exactly what homebuyers will be looking for in a property they want to buy. So here are a few things that you can do to help you sell my house fast in Maple Shade, NJ.

Enhance your curb appeal

The very first thing any potential buyer will see is the exterior of our home, especially the front. Whatever they see – exterior walls, windows, the front door, porch, and yard – are all what make up your curb appeal. You want as much curb appeal as possible to make the property attractive to all potential buyers.

To do this, start with giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint, make sure all your windows and doors are fixed and maintained and tidy up the front porch. You should also make sure to tend to your lawn as this can boost the property’s value quite a bit.

Declutter & depersonalize

Moving inside the house, the first thing you want to do is declutter your space. Nothing makes it harder to sell a home than a cluttered and cramped interior. Start by getting rid of things that you’ve been meaning to throw away or donate. Consider having a yard sale for these items as well. Not only will it net you a little cash, but you might also already find some people interested in purchasing your property.

Decluttering the living space will also make things appear larger and will allow for freer movement when showcasing your home and accommodating viewers. This will definitely boost its appeal to anyone who goes for a visit and tours the home.

Make it smell good

To sell your house fast in Maple Shade, NJ, you have to make every potential buyer’s experience in the home an exceptional one. Aside from cleaning up, also make sure the place smells nice. The sense of smell can be powerful in invoking memories so this will help them remember your house when making a final decision.

Be a ‘cool’ house

If we’re talking about improving the viewing experience of your potential buyers, how the room feels is just as important. You wouldn’t want your visitors showing up to a hot and stuffy house. Open up some windows and let the breeze in to give your place a comfortable temperature. By doing this, you also open up the house to more natural light, highlighting the beauty of your home.

Fix up all the details

The consequences of living in the home are all the little marks and signs of usage. For you they’re memories, but for the buyer it’s more reasons to bargain for a lower price. Go around the house and touch up any scuff marks, fix loose handles, replace all the burnt-out light bulbs, and wash down light switches and door handles. It could be easier to slap a fresh coat of paint on old white walls or paint over wildly colored walls.

Sell your house fast even easier with a cash home buyer in Maple Shade, New Jersey. If you think all of this is a lot of work and it matters more that you sell the home quickly, then you can always choose to sell to a cash home buyer in Maple Shade, NJ. Contact a company like Aim High Properties, LLC. and we can provide you with a fair cash offer in a few days!

The best part, you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to cleaning or repairs since we’ll buy your home as-is! Of course, you can always choose to do some of the things suggested as this can help you get an even better offer. But cleaned up or not, you can count on Aim High Properties when looking to sell your home fast in Maple Shade. Contact us and learn how much we can offer for your home today!

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