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Riverside, NJ Real Estate Trends For February 2022

by | Mar 22, 2022

Are you considering selling your home in Riverside, New Jersey but not sure if you should right now?

With being close to Philadelphia and New York City, Riverside is an ideal location to live. There are various opportunities to own waterfront property, giving you access to the sea and a beautiful view.

But like in any other place, you might need to sell your property for whatever reason. You could be moving to another place for a job, or you simply can’t afford to live at your current home anymore. Either way, knowing the real estate trends in Riverside, NJ will help you sell your home at the price you want.

What You Need to Know About Real Estate in Riverside

Riverside Township, which has a population of almost 8,000 is a suburb of Philadelphia in Burlington County. Residents of the township enjoy a suburban atmosphere and most own their homes. In fact, most of the properties in Riverside were built around the 1940s, although you’ll find other homes built around the 1970s to 1999s.

According to various real estate sources, the median home value in Riverside is $164,600. Most properties are single family homes, although there is a diversity of townhomes and apartment complexes. Whether you’re starting a family or already have one of your own, you’ll find mostly three-bedroom homes in the township.

Riverside, just like any other area in New Jersey, has become the go-to destination for those fleeing New York City. There are jokes that the houses in the state are perfect except for the fact that they are in New Jersey. As NYC is one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets, living in the city is a luxury that many working there cannot afford. This is why NJ is a strategic and ideal place for those working in NYC but can’t afford the real estate.

New Jersey has many transportation, distribution, and manufacturing jobs due to its proximity to New York. Companies like Goya have built facilities in this area due to its proximity to major markets and easy access to the rest of the East Coast.

Real Estate News in Riverside

The New Jersey housing market has been characterized by bidding wars and low inventory in 2021. Market trends in the state indicate that high prices and a lack of inventory will continue to dampen home sales in 2022.

There is still a seller’s market in New Jersey. January’s supply of single-family homes has decreased to 2.2 months, down 30.3% since last year. In this case, it refers to how many months it would take for the current inventory of homes on the market to sell at the current sales pace. A six-month supply of a commodity traditionally translates into moderate price increases, whereas a lower level of months’ supply tends to accelerate price increases.

Selling Your Riverside Home

Naturally, you want to sell your home for the best price. However, it isn’t always easy to sell the home on your own unless you have professional experience.

Traditionally, you can sell your house through a real estate agent. With years of experience in the market, they will find the best price for your home. They will market the home on various listings and negotiate the price with potential buyers.

However, there are downsides to the traditional method of selling. Sometimes, you need to spend on repairs to make your home more appealing to buyers. Plus, depending on the market, your house could go unsold for months. You also have to pay real estate commission and other closing costs.

If you’re in a rush to sell and would rather not shoulder additional costs, you have the option to sell to a cash home buyer. These types of buyers will buy your home as-is and will pay you in cash upfront. They’ll also close the sale in a matter of weeks or in your chosen schedule.

Sell Your House Fast in Riverside, NJ

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