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Find Out What You Can Do With Your Extra Maple Shade Property

by | Jun 24, 2022

Got an extra house in Maple Shade? Not many people are as lucky. However, sometimes an extra property can be a burden, especially if it’s far from your main home and you continue to pay its mortgage.

There are some clever ways to pay your taxes with more cash, and we compiled several ideas you can check out below. If you’re willing to give one of these a shot, nothing is out of reach if you want to earn more money from your extra Maple Shade house.

Option 1: Turn it into a Vacation Rental Site

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb, Homeaway, and VRBO, and maybe even used one of them to book an entire vacation house all to yourself. But have you ever thought about renting out your own house while you’re away? Instead of letting your Maple Shade house sit vacant while you’re away, let someone stay in it while you collect cash. You can skip the house sitter, and you’ll have extra money to put towards your bills.

Option 2: Rent Out Your Maple Shade House — Or Part of It

Your extra house, extra room or basement, or even a detached living space, could be rented out on a long-term basis to provide a steady stream of cash to help pay down your mortgage. Let’s face it, if you have extra space laying around, why not make some money off of it? Do your research before you become a landlord, though, as there are some things you have to think about, like:

  • Laws and regulations on tenancy
  • Background check on potential tenants
  • Guidelines between you and the tenant
  • Charging deposits

Option 3: Use it as a Work from Home Station

If you’re able to find a job working from your Maple Shade house, or if you run your own business remotely, you might be able to deduct some of your work expenses and some mortgage interest from your taxes. You can put that money toward future expenses. Learn more about the home office deduction on the IRS website.

Option 4: Rent Your Maple Shade Driveway

Do you live near a sports venue or a beach? You can take advantage of your proximity to crowded places. You could rent out your Maple Shade driveway or yard to a sports fan heading to a game or a surfer heading to the beach.

Living in an urban area means paying a lot for parking. Rent out your spot if you have your own parking space but aren’t using it. It’s a great way to earn extra money and get those taxes covered without investing too much time and money.

Option 5: Sell Your Extra House

Maybe you don’t have the time to run a business, or your extra Maple Shade property is far from your main home. In this case, selling your house might be the best option.

Selling your Maple Shade house means selling on your own or through an agent. If you don’t have the time to sell by yourself, a real estate can handle all negotiations and house showings while you focus on your job and personal life. However, be prepared to spend on repairs and renovations so that your house will sell faster while you pay for your real estate agent’s commission at the same time.

If you’re asking “How do I sell my Maple Shade, NJ house fast?” Search up on the different ways you can sell your extra Maple Shade property. You’ll quickly see that selling for cash might pop up. Cash home buyers will take a look at your property and make an offer. Once you accept the offer, you’ll get the payment in cash. Most of the time, these buyers will handle all the closing costs. They’ll even buy your house as-is.

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