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Can I Sell My Maple Shade, NJ Home If I Owe Taxes?

by | Jun 17, 2022

Are you trying to get out of debt? If so, you’ve probably tried lots of ways to pay your Maple Shade taxes now, including working extra jobs to reducing your daily expenses. Paying off debt can feel endless.

Selling your stuff is a great way to get rid of debt. However, should you sell your house to pay it all off? We’ve put together the information below for you to read before making your decision.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sell Your Maple Shade Home

Before you sell your Maple Shade house to pay off debt, ask yourself these questions:


Is the profit from selling your home enough?

Selling your Maple Shade can wipe out a lot of your debt, but will it be enough to get you out? Unless you change your spending habits and create a realistic savings plan, you might end up right back where you started. If you have to sell at a loss, you could be facing even more financial difficulties.


Could you get a home equity loan instead?

With a home equity loan, the bank lends you money using the equity in your Maple Shade home as collateral. If you have debt, these loans can help you pay it off. As a result, your bills would go down and you could keep your house. If you’re thinking about selling your house to pay off debt, a home equity loan might be a good alternative.


What’s rent like where you live?

Even if you sell your house, you still have to live somewhere. It’s important to look at rental costs in your area so you know what you’re getting into. That’s extra stress you don’t need. You don’t want to sell your house and then struggle to make rent.


Are you ready to move out?

It’s understandable that you’re willing to do anything to get out of debt. But would you be more stressed if you wanted to move out of your Maple Shade property? Think it over before you sell.

Should you file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is an option for those who don’t have the money to pay off their debt. Even after you sell your house to pay off your debt, filing for bankruptcy has a bad reputation because of what it does to your credit score. However, depending on how much debt you have and the means you have to pay back that debt, it might be the only reasonable option.


Is it a good idea to get credit counseling?

There are times when you can get professional help if you’re struggling to make payments to your debtors. A certified professional can walk you through all your options to see if there’s a better way to sell your home. Don’t underestimate professional help, even if it’s just to validate what your strategy is for selling your house to pay off your debt.

How to Sell Your Maple Shade House with Debt

Selling your Maple Shade home with debt is a minimally different experience versus selling it without debt. The usual approach is to put your Maple Shade home up for listing, whether on your own or through an agent. Just remember that you might need to renovate or repair your home to be more presentable to potential buyers. And if you’re selling through an agent, you need to pay him commission once the sale is closed.

What if you’re asking “Can I sell my house fast in Maple Shade, NJ?” It’s possible through a cash home buyer. Whether you’re facing foreclosure or need to move away as soon as possible, selling to a cash buyer allows you to close in a matter of days. You’ll also get the cash you need right away, allowing you to pay your debt quickly.

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