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Are IG Reels useful for selling my Maple Shades property?

by | Jul 14, 2022

On average, an American spends around a quarter of their day on their phone. In addition to bringing all of us together, social media has us binging videos and scrolling through neverending feeds. Brands and industries are seeing the potential that this has and are now investing in content creation.

In the competitive real estate industry, social media is your best friend. No other marketing tool can give you the same leg up in terms of reach and conversion. And right now, IG Reels are hot and in demand. So if you’re looking to sell your house in Maple Shade fast, you need to create an account now, start recording, and post your first reels. 

So how can you use this platform efficiently and effectively? We came up with a list of tips on how you can use IG Reels for real estate selling here in Maple Shade, NJ

What are IG Reels and why should I use them for selling my Maple Shades property?

As a brand, think of them as commercials, but shorter, more accessible, and more fun. IG Reels are 15 to 30 second videos that are often edited with transitions, viral music, and text. And people are spending hours watching them. Here are a couple of reasons why you should start making your own IG Reels:

Best way to use Instagram for marketing

In contrast to its predecessors IG TV and Stories, IG Reels can be displayed on your feed for easy access. Moreover, Instagram is also pushing the IG Reels agenda. These short videos are featured on the Explore page and recommended on people’s feeds which can increase your reach tenfold.

Still has its novelty

Piggybacking from the hype of TikTok, IG Reels have so much potential. Trends are developing daily and videos can reach viral status in an instant. IG Reels are perfect for today’s hyper connected and digital citizens.

How can I use IG Reels for real estate selling in Maple Shade, NJ?

There are a plethora of combinations that you can make using the visuals, music, and texts. Moreover, there are trends and formats that are proven to create viral content. Here are some creative ideas that you can use fun and engaging IG Reels for your Maple Shade property:

Home tour IG Reels

This is one of the most popular formats for real estate promotions. Allow your audience to view your property from the safety and convenience of their own home. It’s like a regular viewing minus the time and energy spent.

Before and after shots

The transitions and music available on IG Reels are perfect for this format. Highlight how much you’ve upgraded the Maple Shade property while entertaining your audience at the same time.  

Behind the scenes content

Your content doesn’t have to be limited to videos about the property. You can turn the camera around and let your audience see the process behind your videos. This is a great way to establish a connection with your viewers. 

Buying and selling tips

For your IG Reels, you can also record yourself with some text as you talk about the ins and outs of the industry and your insights on real estate. It’s the perfect way to establish authority and flex your expertise. You can also use this format to answer FAQs that buyers often ask. 

Brand stories

People also love the personal. You can use IG Reels to tell your story and the property’s history. If you’re working with a team or a company, you can also share the story behind the business. Bonus: you can let your teammates or employees tell their own stories through the “A Day in the Life” format.

Bloopers and anecdotes

If it’s aligned with your brand, you can also share some funny stories ranging from weird inquiries to bloopers and outtakes. Business doesn’t have to be boring and in today’s market, people place a premium on authenticity.

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